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Our mission is to provide excellence in imaging to help diagnose and treat patients within our community.

Bloomington-Normal has a long history of providing local radiology services, dating back to the 1930ís when Dr. Edwin Rypins first arrived in the community to practice radiology. In the late 40ís to early 50ís, Bloomington-Normal was introduced to two other radiologists, Dr. George Irwin and Dr. Harold Shinall. Years later, in 1974, these two physicians joined forces with St. Joseph Hospital and Mennonite Hospital to form Bloomington Radiology (originally named Bloomington Radiology and Nuclear Medicine SC).

Our groupís first private office was located on East St. across from Mennonite Hospital in Bloomington, providing services for plain film radiographic imaging, chest and extremities, and interpretations from outside entities. In the early 80ís, the office moved to Towanda Avenue and the services increased substantially. At this point, the group was comprised of eight doctors. New services included a radiographic and fluoroscopy, mammography, and DEXA (bone density).

Our practice is currently comprised of eleven radiologists and we provide services to three local hospitals and two imaging centers, and maintain a significant level of outside business through our private office. Our radiologists interpret Mammography, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Bone Density, Nuclear Medicine (including PET CT) and Diagnostic Imaging. Our interventional radiologists perform minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system. Our mammography specialized physicians perform cyst aspirations and both ultrasound guided and stereotactic breast biopsies. Additionally, our group incorporates fellowship trained physicians in neurology, musculoskeletal and body imaging.



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